From the delicate prickly pear flower To Morisca, a unique Brew Of refined quality.



Morisca is more than just a great beer, a highest quality product and innovative design. Made from prickly pear flowers, Morisca is unique brew, internationally patented and trademark registered.
Brewed to the old Belgian-Ale traditions , The result is a symphony of fruity flavors and a special beer-tasting experience. All of this is delivered in a elegant bottle with beautiful design, Morisca's an amber beer with a fine foam compact and persistent of clear beige color.
An exeprience to be discovered.

Amber brew
Low fermentation
Very elegant 75 cl bottle
Alc. 6% Vol

Serve at a temperature
between 8 and 10 ° C

Janasbeer Brewery

Janashop di Obino Mauro
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